There is currently a severe delay in setting up new orders. This is due to matters outside our hands and we are hoping to resolve it. - 7/6/2020

Why Us

We're Nerds

We're a VPS company run by nerds. You'll find no untrained key pressing monkeys here. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, value and the odd game of CoD.

We Understand You

If you create an internet sensation and use up all your bandwidth in a day, it isn't going to be great for your users if your server gets suspended. That's why we don't suspend servers for going over their traffic due to legitimate reasons and will work with you to make sure you're on a plan that fits you.

Transparency Is Key

There's already enough lies and lack of transparency on this planet, your VPS provider should not add to it. Our pricing is clear and you get exactly what's on the tin. Due to the nature of our pricing, our services are unmanaged. Tips of course, are free :)

Resistance Is Not Futile

In the rare case that you are not happy being with us and our service, we have a three-day refund window. However we can't refund payments for addons due to reasons with our upstream suppliers.

The Lowdown

Superduper Quad-Core Processors
Warp Speed Samsung Pro SSDs


California, United States (

What's Included

Plenty of Storage
Tun/TAP, PPTP and FUSE Support.
Bucketloads of Bandwidth
Instant Installation

Coming Soon

Private LAN
Half Life™ 3